Wednesday, October 12, 2011

DIY Dry Erase To Do List

So here is part 2 of my wall collage breakdown.  I also found this idea on pinterest. Today I'll show you what I used the shadow box for. Wait for it.... wait for it.....

That's right, a dry erase To Do List disguised not really all that cleverly as wall art. You might not be all that excited about it but just hear me out. There are many awesome reasons this works. Its super useful. It's a great way to incorporate your color scheme. It can be easily changed into anything and still stay in its spot. Plus, all you buy is the frame so, yeah, that's awesome.

I am a list person, there is no doubt about it. Hubby will do anything I ask of him for the household but doesn't necessarily keep a running list in his head. I wanted to make a way to categorize the important household tasks that one or both of us are responsible for and put it in a visible spot in our home. This way both of us can see what the other one needs to get done and we have the ability to step in and help. This is an awesome way to serve one another. I guess he won't read my book club book this month, but you get my drift.


For this project I used a shadow box that I got on sale at Michael's. You could use any frame, really, but I liked the depth of the shadow box since I already had the framed family planner next to it. I borrowed my friend's paper punch to make the shapes. I also went to the store and got a few of the paint color sample cards.

I used the punch to make two stamps out of each of the sample cards. I measured things out on top of the glass just to see how many I needed. You could use any shape punch you liKe or you could leave little squares. It might also be cute to put lined notebook paper behind the glass. I couldn't find my ruler (seriously I am the most haphazard crafter) so I just measured using the inside frames. I taped the back side of each punch directly onto the back of the board.

You can categorize your list however you'd like. I wanted mine categorized by importance. I made my labels all the same color and labeled them: Now, This Week, This Month, and Whenever. It works for us. PS since I took this picture I got my mason jar (thank you Becca- man you are rocking it for me this week!)

How do you keep track of your household responsibilities?

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  1. Love this! I make lists for myself all the time. Sometimes JR sees them sometimes he doesn't. I might have to add this in to my office. I have a giant "mom's ultimate planner" calendar that is FULL of out schedule and I use it all the time however it isn't nearly this pretty. Maybe if I posted the "to do" list someplace JR would actually see it and help out. :) Maybe...doubt it...but I can hope right. Love your DIY posts!!

  2. I am LOVING all these tutorials!! I'm in the middle of repainting the kitchen right now, and might have to tackle something like this for it when I'm done!

  3. I got nothin' on you. I use a dry erase board from Staples lol. This is super creative! too!

  4. I am a list person as well! I love your clever idea! I have a binder with all of my household chores in it. (Daily/weekly/monthly/annually) The pages are in clear plastic sleeves and I use a marker to check things off. LOVE being able to check stuff done!!!


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