Monday, December 19, 2011

27 Things My 17 Year Old Self Needs To Know

Today is my 27th birthday. I can't even believe it. Last night I told my sister "10 years ago I thought I knew everything.... somehow I now know nothing." She told me it was crazy that I was even old enough to say "10 years ago I..." and that when she made a statement like that it was usually "10 years ago I was in middle school" complimented me on being incredibly insightful.

Either way, it got me thinking. What would I tell my 17 year old self if I had the chance? So, here are 27 things I'd like to tell my 17 year old self in honor of this, my 27th birthday.

  1. Your sister and brother are watching everything you do. You need to be a better example to them. They will walk in your footsteps.
  2. Your best friend now will still be your best friend in 10 years. She goes through a lot so you need to keep an eye on her. She's wonderful and she needs a sister like you. 
  3. Eyeliner will be your friend for a very long time. 
  4. I know you love your boobs. You should. This is the most awesome they will ever look.
  5. Stop rolling your eyes at all the "Jesus Freaks". One day you will be one, too.
  6. If you really love cheerleading, you should keep up with it. The college you will go to will have an awesome cheerleading team and you will kick yourself for not dedicating more time to it.
  7. Respect your mother. I know she frustrates you. I know you think she doesn't know anything. But she does. She loves you in ways you will never understand until you're a mother yourself. You will regret the way you treat her now.
  8. You would be much prettier if you smiled more. You'd probably smile more if you dumped that loser boyfriend of yours. He is not worth your time... or tears for that matter. You are not the first, nor the last girl he will do this to. Everyone is right about him.
  9. While we are on the subject of boys, lets get real. They won't respect you if you don't respect yourself, plain and simple. Learn a different way to impress them... like learning to play the guitar.
  10. You will make a lot of great guy friends that you will hurt and lose by not keeping them as just guy friends. Don't make that mistake, it will hurt your heart.
  11. The boy who sits next to you in English will become your college boyfriend. You will be awful to him even though he has a wonderful heart. Don't worry though, he still is way more gracious than you deserve and will forgive you even though you dont deserve it
  12. There is no reason to move out now. Slow down. You have plenty of time to grow up.
  13. Yes, it is depression, but with the way you're handling're not doing yourself any favors. Oh, and you will feel sadder in the winter. Every winter. Plan ahead accordingly.
  14. I know you think its just fun but it really is a gateway drug. You should just quit while you're ahead. Also, those cigarettes? They aren't cool. Sure they get you a 10 minute break at work but they aren't worth it.
  15. Although it's dishonest, re-using your cast from your broken leg every year at Disney will be a lot of fun for you and your friends... and it will totally get you to the front of all the lines
  16. Leave the restaurant industry. Yes, it's good money but it will cause you nothing but trouble.
  17. All your teachers are hungover.
  18. Music will always hit you with an inexplicable force. Go ahead and blast it. Yes, those songs sound different to you than they do to others. 
  19. Save your money. Budget and use it wisely.
  20. If you actually went to class you could get straight A's. Don't wait as long as you do to realize this.
  21. You will write one day. It just won't be in the way you think.
  22. Stop wearing those sophies out in public. There is nothing flattering about those shorts.
  23. You will get caught writing your friend's essay. By the grace of God you will both make-up the same story on the spot and, although your teacher won't believe you, her hands will be tied. You'll have to re-write your essay. Save yourself the time and stress and just write the one instead of writing three.
  24. Although these are not the best years of your life, they sure are the most carefree. You're not experiencing them to the fullest and you really should.
  25. You will fall in love with the leader singer of a band. His band is actually really good. It will be totally awesome. You're going to marry him- how cool is that?
  26. He will become a cop. You will be the wife of a cop. In fact, that's how almost everyone you talk to in 10 years will know you. Ashley, the cop's wife.
  27. Yes, I'm serious.


  1. haha great list! sadly true. I came over from Emilys blog.

  2. I love #7. I am taking the advice NOW.

    This concept is awesome :) so cool!! I may need to do this, too!

  3. Love this list. I am taking a lot of these to heart right now!

  4. What a great list. I wish we could all warn our younger selves of so many things. But, I guess we have to learn the hard way from our mistakes.

  5. This is a great list - love it! Many things I wish I could also have told my teen self, and early twenty, and 30.....

    never thought I would end up marry the goodie-2-shoe man in uniform either. I was always against the fairytale ending. then one day, DH drove up in the (white) cruiser, and my girlfriend says, "well, did get the prince on his white steed afterall!" LOL

  6. love this list, girl! taking note of all your wisdom here :)

    happy birthday!!!


  7. love this post! and love all the things youd tell yourself! :) the "your teachers are hungover" part made me laugh! and also the part about wearing sophies! hahah :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY friend!!

  8. Totally cute idea! Love your list. Oh, if only we would know the things now, when we were in high school life would have been so different!

    My husband is going through the process to become a cop too! Guess I will have to get use to being called the cop's wife haha.

  9. hahaha "All your teachers are hung over" this is amazing. You went to Winter Park HS in orlando?! My roommate from freshman yr of college (UF) went there!!



  10. I have seen a bunch of these, but this is BY FAR the best! I can relate to a lot of it too..I am married with no kids and still work as a server/bartender, so I even feel like some of it still applies! hehe I just began following you, but I'm LOVING it so far!

  11. Love #3, #4, #7, #9, #12, and #13 - I would tell my 17 year old self the SAME gosh darn things!!

  12. Wow - I am really late but just stumbled across this. I love this list. I think I can relate 110%! And sadly the cast thing doesn't work at Universal anymore all of the lines are fully accessible. But maybe Disney?? I knew I held on to that for a reason :-)