Friday, February 15, 2013

The Subtle Ways He Reminds Me

no driving is actually happening in this picture
Sometimes as bloggers people, it's easy to remember and wish to record and share all the times that God does something for us in a super obvious way. When He answers a prayer, when He gets us our dream job, when He heals us, when He shows us unbelievable grace in spite of ourselves. But sometimes we forget to praise Him in the things that don't happen- the things that, if we didn't know any better, we wouldn't even realize He had his hand in. Which is a silly statement really because His hand is in everything. So I wanted to share a moment where He super subtly made me aware of His constant hand in my life.

A few weeks ago, I was home with Reese and was desperately trying to ignore the massive pile of laundry bored so I thought I'd take her out on the town to run some meaningless errands. We headed out to get our oil changed, shop for dishes, and maybe have a girls lunch just the two of us. I loaded her in the car and got on the highway. 

Now, I would never say that I'm a fast driver... I'd never say that I drive juuuuuuust as fast as is legally allowed... and I'd never say that I speed. And I certainly never say I keep my phone in my lap to look at during stop lights. Never. But this day, I had kind of a weird feeling. Instead of playing The Imagination Movers pandora station via my phone I popped in a kid's CD. I left my phone in my purse and I payed attention to my speed. I was just aimlessly running errands that weren't even errands so what hurry was I in?

Just as I was coming to the exit to get off the highway and get my oil change, I heard a super loud POP! My hands were at 10 and 2 anyways, but I only slightly felt the car move. There was a weird sounds as I slowed  down on the exit and then another loud sound. The exit I was taking literally dumps straight into a tire shop if you head straight so I rolled straight in there. When I got out of my car, my back left tire was COMPLETELY flat. The mechanic tried to add air to the tire to pull the car forward into the shop, but it wouldn't hold any air at all. There was a HUGE (and I mean like a seriously huge) hole in the tire.
 The mechanic said I was so lucky it happened coming off the exit because if I had been driving anywhere else I would have needed a tow or ruined my [rim? tire well? whatchamacallit]. He said that I was lucky it happened to that tire specifically because if it had been one of the front tires, I would have lost control of the car completely. When he told me we had to replace all 4 tires because of the type of car it is OUCH he mentioned I was lucky that I had money in savings to do it right then. 

My mind can't help but go to all the could-have-beens: Me on the highway, 7 months pregnant, my 1 1/2 year old in the back seat when my tire blew.... I can't even. The lesser emergencies are also upsetting: not having money for the tires, being on our way somewhere else and needing to be towed, being stranded when my tire blew in the middle of nowhere... all of these could have happened.

But they didn't.

And y'all? I know luck had nothing to do with it. 


  1. Ah I love when God works like this... the tiny little instances that all line up and point to his glory. This happened to me yesterday:

    I was exhausted on wednesday night. I stated a blog post but just didn't have the creative juice to finish. I woke up on Thursday and was inspired. I banged out the post even though it put me 20 mins behind schedule. Well turns out if I had gotten to work when I wanted to I would have gotten tangled up in a horrific accident where an 18 wheeler turned over on a car on the windy country road that leads to my school.

    PRAISE JESUS for the small ways he shows us everyday!

  2. Not to be a copy cat...but LOVE THIS AND YOU! :)

  3. :) I love this post. God really is in everything, and like you said, it's easy to overlook.

    I had a very similar experience happen a few years ago. Minus the pregnant and baby in the back seat part. I had actually just driven my best friend to the hospital, an hour and a half away from our college. Her father was in the hospital, and he passed away that night. My other roommate and I left her with her family as they were saying their final goodbyes, and we headed back to school. It was probably 1 or 2AM at this point. The freeway we had to take is a tiiiny freeway that goes through quite literally, the middle of nowhere. I had never had ANY car issues before, and lo and behold, my tire blew out. I freaked, had no idea what to do. Bright shining lights came up behind us, a giant truck was pulling over. I was so scared.

    The truck opened their door, and I saw the AAA logo. What are the chances that a triple A truck was driving on this little abandoned freeway in the middle of the night? My best friend's father made a living by working off cars, so it was a sweet connection to think that he was helping us from beyond this world. I'm thankful that God is always with us, and shows himself in the sweetest ways, even in the midst of hard situations.

    Aaand hope you don't mind that novel :)

  4. wow!! Praise God for his protection! We had a similar experience last summer and we were actually on the interstate. My husband was driving and our son was in the back seat. He miraculously kept control of the car and we were able to make it onto the grass. We were kept safe until my in-laws came to pick us up and take us to a tire shop. So thankful for these seemingly little acts of God in our lives. We might get to the other side and see that they weren't little at all. <3

  5. So awesome and so important to remember to praise him in the small things. Thanks for the reminder. Glad you two are safe and sound.

    It is also rare to find a 1 1/2 year old rear facing. I have a 27 month old rear facing babe. Just impressed by that momma!


  6. oh my gosh! i'm so glad y'all are all right and that everything was woven together the way it was. love those moments where God shows you just how carefully He's watching over us.

  7. So, if you had gotten into a wreck, that would show that God didn't care? I don't really follow this sort of logic at all. It sort of implies that people who are hurt or worse somehow had it coming.

    1. No of course not! Just because something bad happens doesn't mean god doesn't care (check the entire book of Job for that). I just think that when there are moments when there are small blessings, I want to remember God'd hands are in those, too.

    2. Yes, God has a plan to get us through anything that happens good or bad!

  8. Thank goodness you listened to the voice in your head (and God's presence) becasue sometimes those funny feelings can help big time, right? Glad you're all safe and nothing major (other than your bank account) went down :)

  9. Wow, what a story! Glad you and the littles are okay - praise God for that!

  10. What an experience and such a good reminder. I think remembering its ok to slow down and take care of what you are doing right then and there! Glad all is well and nothing more serious happened! God is good !


    ~Laura at

  11. We had something similar to this happen on our way to Dallas this weekend. A group of youth from our church were packed in a van in front of us when their tire blew.
    My first thought was how many families those kids represented and how thankful we were of His protection.
    Always good to be reminded of his faithfulness in every situation.