Friday, August 23, 2013

Brand Consistency

I am so excited to start this series! We've got a lot to cover so let's hop right in. When you are branding (or rebranding) there are so many little tiny details and a million things to think about and it can all seem overwhelming. The best place to start is at the beginning isn't it always? so let's do just that.

I don't want to get to much into why you should brand yourself or if you're a brand or I just blog for me and I dont want to get all strategy minded. I think Stephanie Bryant said it best in her Influence Network class, Brand You: "Your brand is simply the space that God has called you to fill in the world. It is a promise to your audience that you will be the same wherever they find you, which builds trust."


Your branding is important. Consistency in brand is important. You want to be recognizable immediately- by name, by color scheme, by emblem, by words, even by general feel of your brand. It would be confusing if on my blog I was written on my heart, on my twitter I was AshleyWifey, on instagram you had to find me as AWWrittenonherheart and on facebook I was, oh I dont know, 5ohWifey.

So, what is the best most super simple see what I did there? way to be consistent? BE CONSISTENT. Ok, this kinda feels like a no-brainer but for some reason, this is a HUGE problem I see out on the internet. For some reason we do not want to be consistent with our branding. But you need to be. So lets see what's important.

PICK A NAME YOU LIKE- If I shared my real last name on the internet I 100% would have my URL be and all my info be AshleyWifey. That way if I decided to change my blog name (as I did with the great Rebrand of '13) all I'd have to do is change my design. If you can't use your name for whatever reason, try to pick a name you love.

PICK A NAME THAT CAN CHANGE WITH YOU- The main problem I had with 5ohWifey aside from the fact people thought i was repping my area code is that it pigeonholed me. Cop's wife. It felt limiting. I have other friends who have included their city or state in their name and been stuck when they moved. Or friends who have picked names with "newlywed", "bride" or phrases like "Reese's Story" in the title and then been stuck when that stage of their life was over or they had another child. Pick a name that can change and grow as your story changes and grow. 

BE CONSISTENT IN NAME- Wait, did i already say that? Well, its important. Be the same, or as close as you can, across alllllllllllll the social media. Yes, all of them. Yes, and your email. ((And don't worry, friends, we will talk about how to change all of these in this series) So, you know where you can find me on ALL the social media sites?

On twitter you can find me at

On instagram you can find me at
On pinterest you can find me at
You can email me at

Yep, heyashleynoelle. Because that's my brand. Keep your brand name consistent.

BE CONSISTENT IN PICTURE- Sheesh, she sure is pushing consistency! Use the same picture across all your profiles. All of the social media sites (to my knowledge) use square avatars. When people are scrolling through and see my picture I want them to know its me right away. My picture is the same at the top right of this blog as it is on all my social media sites. And its a more current picture. I've got short blonde hair now so it's short and blonde in my picture. That way, when you see me at the Influence Conference, after chatting with me via social media, you will recognize me in real life, too. Its ok to change your picture (duh) but I would strongly suggest changing it across all platforms.

USE CONSISTENT COLORS, EMBLEMS, AND WRITING STYLE- As much as I can, I try to use the same colors across all my sites. And the same heart and arrow logo. And the same picture editing "feel". And the same snappy but sweet attitude. And words like "woos", "sistahfriend" and doing this not so  hilarious little schtick where I cross out the words I really want to say. You need to have visual and verbal cues that let people know this brand is uniquely you.

Consistency, people. Brand consistency.

Is there anything I missed? Feel free to leave advice and ask/answer questions in the comment section or on twitter with the hashtag #supersimplerebrand


  1. Thanks Ashley! I'm excited to read the rest of these. I'm still having trouble changing my facebook name. so annoying, but I cant even open the page that would enable me to request a change, etc. either something is wrong with my fb account,or I need to try a different browser maybe. either way, its bugging me :/

  2. this was so helpful. thank you for taking the time to write these posts, ashley.

    hope you are having a happy day!


  3. I wish I could read about everything all in one shot!! So anxious, as I would like to rebrand BEFORE the Influence Conference!! Eeek!! Thanks for sharing your guidance with us all!! Looking forward to reading along!

    1. I promise to finish this series in time to rebrand before influence! I'm also going to make sure this info goes in order of what you new to do! No worries!

  4. Yes! SO stinkin' excited about this series. Been praying about a rebrand for this entire year. Even went ahead and purchased a new domain name. Just scared to commit.

    Looking forward to your future posts!

  5. Super helpful, I'm looking to possibly do this so thanks friend :)

  6. Hi Ashley,

    Great info! May I ask what you would suggest for someone (like myself) who has a blog and an online shop? Different brands, but I want them both to be recognizable as "mine". Does that make sense?

    1. Hey Amy!! I would suggest the same branding across shops. Some great examples are who does both blogging and design (and more!) and has one landing page. Jessi Connolly does and I think Amy Cornwell does Amy Cornwell and Amy Cornwell designs. The only way for everyone to know both shop and blog are yours without any further research is for the same branding to be used for both

    2. Thank you Ashley! I spent most of yesterday switching this over to the Owls for Orphans page. Hopefully that will help with branding. :) Thanks again!

  7. Thank you for this! I had googled while my photos remained linked on instagram and your post came up, very helpful!

    Do you have any tutorials for changing my name for comment like through your blog to show as my blog name instead of my name?