Sunday, September 8, 2013

How To Redirect Your Old Domain

This post is part of a series called "How to (super simply) rebrand your entire online life. You can find all the rest of the posts in this super simple rebrand series at the bottom of this post!

I had my old domain for  a solid year (or more) of actual intentional blogging. When I rebranded, I was totally freaked out about switching my URLs. What about all those guest posts? What about all the bloggers who randomly linked to me in posts and tweets. And for the love of all that is good, what about Pinterest! I had been intentional about all of these things and the thought of losing those links was scary. Scarier than the idea that I would need to learn how to redirect my old domain. By myself.

But y'all... it is SO not as scary as I thought it would be. And for me, paying $10 more dollars a year to have good ol' 5ohWifey redirected here is more than worth it. Now, if you are reabranding from a to a custom domain and you followed the steps in the last post on how to move your content to a new domain then you're done. Your blogspot address will automatically redirect. High kicks all around!

The most difficult part of this whole thing is figuring out how to access DNS, or Domain Name System settings on your old domain. Once you're in, you basically hey this is a super simple rebrand so we dont need to go into all the technical parts of things create another CNAME record (just like we did before). If you purchased your old domain through a registrar you can sign into your panel just as you normally do. If, like me, you purchased your domain through google and know nothing about who hosts it or how to access it, let me break it down for you!

First things first, you need to find out who hosts your domain and how to access it. The way to do this is by signing in to your google admin console. Don't get scared- this is super easy.

Just go to . If you did not make an account your login is and your password should be your usual password to sign in to blogger. If you are having trouble logging in to your dashboard you can reset your password by going to and follow the instructions. Then click on your domains.

Here you can find a whole lot of info. You can see who hosts your domain, make sure your domain is automatically renewed, get the info to log in to your DNS panel and a ton of stuff that's not part of a #supersimplerebrand Click on Advanced DNS settings to get your sign in info for your host.

Login is your domain. There is your password. There is your pin. There is a way to contact customer service if you just cant figure it out. Boom baby.

Now go to your host site (for me this was and log in. This should be what you just found on your google admin console.

Once you sign in you will need to add a new cname record that is a redirect. Select EDIT under your Host Records/CNAME panel. Make Host Name www Address is your new domain and Record Type is a Redirect.

Save changes and give it a few hours to make sure the redirect went through. Note: You may have to clear your cookies/cache when testing it out.

Is there anything I missed? Feel free to leave advice and ask/answer questions in the comment section or on twitter with the hashtag #supersimplerebrand


  1. So... just to be clear: if I've moved all of my old content to my new site, doing a redirect following these instructions will send viewers to the same page that they were looking for, just on the new site instead of the old one? In other words, I have a post that is earning me affiliate income because of Pinterest... So, when someone clicks on that link from Pinterest, it would immediately take them to that same page on my new site, right?

    Also, does it keep all internal links in tact? {i.e. my posts include links to some of my previous posts... do they still work once the redirect is taken care of?}

    Thanks so much for your help, friend!

    1. YES!

      I also had a post that was getting me pageviews from pinterest ( ) If you click on that link, you will see that it automatically redirects you to the same exact page but with writtenonherheart in the url instead of 5ohwifey