Monday, October 21, 2013

Grace for the Work at home mama

This is a post I wrote for Mackenzie over at Life of a Pint-sized Mama a little while back. She asked me to speak on being a work at home mom (which still feels like a weird thing to categorize myself as). Enjoy!

So, Mackenzie thought something I could speak to here on her blog that she doesn't is being a brand new work at home mom. Which means I finally got a Mac. And y'all, that feels so weird. You see, God has a sense of humor. Earlier this year, for month's God had been convicting me to let go of sponsorship on my blog. When I started to think about letting go of that income I started thinking I'd have to let go of some blogging extras including conferences. Sadface.  Just days after I posted that, I was offered the job as Conference Manager for the Influence conference. It was so crazy and awesome how God put that all together. You can read all about it HERE. I was pretty excited.

But now I find myself in this really weird season. I just had my second daughter at the end of April so now I have two kiddos, a husband who works crazy hours, a blog, a job on the core team, and a conference to plan. Woosh. Y'all, it is no joke. I have written before on how to do it all as a mom. Guess what? You can't. Same goes (even more so?) for being a work at home mom. Between wife-ing, mothering, and working sometimes it feels a little stressful to try to be doing all the things and connecting with all of the people. I know you feel me, Kendall.

So, I've decided to stop striving to do all the things. I just can't do it. And neither can you. And I know, I know, the whole "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" thing. And that's true. But God also calls us to be good stewards of our time here. I can't follow and like all the things and all the people on all the social media sites. I can't write a blog post I cant write these long heart emails to all the people. I can't attend all the parties and play groups. I cant clean all the rooms on all the days. I cant make all the meals from scratch. I can't do it all. And I don't think God wants me too. 

So, I've had to be super intentional with my time. I've had to combine my breakfast and devotional time into 30 mins where Reese is eating and Kendall is on her playmat. I've had to answer emails first thing in the morning as Reese plays outside and Kendall is snuggled against me in her moby or in her swing. I've had to put down the job to make sure Reese and Kendall get their mom for the morning playdates/ platime/ errand running. I've had to work and clean during naptime (ugh.) I've had to meal plan and include easy days where I know I'm going to need a fast dinner. I've had to say no to things that are just not life giving to me and my family. Because it frees me up to say yes to the things that are. 

I haven't figured this all out. I am still having to write and rewrite my personal and professional boundaries. I am having to seek my coworkers, my bosses, my kiddos, my husband, and my God for guidance. I am just stumbling through this working mom thing. But I mean really, aren't we all just stumbling through this grown up thing, pretending like we know what we're doing? No? Just me?


  1. Thank you so much for this honest post! Sometimes when I look around the blogosphere I think and feel as though 'I'm totally missing the mark'...I see and read all the things work and home mom's are doing blogging, running a business, caring for their families, spending quality time together as a family and I am amazed and ask myself where the heck to they get the energy. Even now as I prepare for babe #1 I feel like I can't do it all but this reminds me that as bloggers most of the time we put our best foot forward when we share. None of us are super Mom and we just have to prioritize and do the best we can do in the season we are in.

    Your post today reminded me yet again of this important but valuable lesson being a stay at home working mom is a tough job and we can't do it all but there is grace in every morning and we can seek His guidance and help to make being a working stay at home mom work for us!

  2. This made me smile. Thank you for your honesty, transparency, and great reminder that we simply CAN'T do it all. Nor should we even try to!

  3. Soo good, Ashley!!! I love your honesty.....Its refreshing. Love you, girl!

  4. So beautiful and honest. Still crazy how finding our boundaries and limits come and go with seasons.

    You rock at being a mom and worker (and influencer).

  5. An excellent, honest post. And I feel you friend. I may let go of sponsor spots on my blog too. I feel totally swamped as a homeschooling, WAHM.