Friday, November 15, 2013

How To Forward or Transfer Your Emails To A New Account

This post is part of a series called "How to (super simply) rebrand your entire online life. You can find all the rest of the posts in this super simple rebrand series at the bottom of this post!

When I rebranded, my biggest concern was everything I've covered to this point my email address. I had already started conference business for The Influence Network and a lot of my emails were in folders. I wanted to make sure I could keep all my email, continue getting new emails, but have it all on my new email account. This one has a lot of steps but they are super easy. I am assuming this is all happening through gmail because if you aren't using gmail as a blogger than you need to make a new account right now anyways although I am sure many of the steps are similar on other servers. 

We are going to do this all in 5 super simple steps Hurrah!. Basically, we are going to export our contacts, import them to our new account, transfer all our pre-existing emails to our new account, set up forwarding so we receive new emails being sent to our old account, and set up an automatic email to alert senders of our new email address. (Side note, i still have mine but I pretty much only get spam in that account so I will probably be closing it soon.) Alright y'all, this is much easier than it sounds. Lets just take a deep breath and dive in.

  • Click on the red Gmail with the little downward arrow on the top left in your old gmail account
  • Contacts> More >Export
  • Select whatever contacts you want to keep (probably all?)
  • If you are switching to a google email select Google CSV Format
  • Choose save to disk
  • Choose a location and click OK
  • **If you are exporting contacts from a non-google account you can follow the directions HERE
  • Click on the red Gmail with the little downward arrow on the top left in your gmail account
  • Contacts> More >Import
  • Select File
  • Import them
  • In your old email account: Settings>Forwarding and POP/IMAP
  • Select "Enable POP for all mail (even mail that's already been downloaded)"
  • Save Changes
  • In your new email account: Settings>Accounts
  • Under Check mail from other accounts (using POP3) select Add a POP3 mail account you own.
  • Type in your old email address and choose Next
  • Type in your  Password.
  • Select "Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server" just to make sure
  • Add Account
  • Go do something else because this might take awhile.
  • After a few days, when you are sure the new mail is being forwarded and all the old mail has transferred go ahead and delete the old email account from here.
  • Under Settings>Forwarding and POP/IMAP select "Add a forwarding address"
  • Type in your new email address and select Next
  • Confirm you are forwarding mail to your new email address and select "proceed"
  • Follow the verification steps (entering verification code sent to old email address, etc)
  • On Old mail account the final settings should be "Forward a copy of incoming mail to (new email address) and (archive gmail's copy)
  • Under Settings>Genreal> Vacation Responder
  • Turn the Vacation Responder on with the first date set as today
  • Write a little message. Something along the lines of:
"Hey!! Thanks so much for emailing me. This is an email to let you know I recently rebranded and will no longer be using this email address. No worries though, your email has forwarded to my new email address! From now on, can you please email me at the new address Thanks so much!"
  • Set no end date
  • Save Changes
Is there anything I missed? Feel free to leave advice and ask/answer questions in the comment section or on twitter with the hashtag #supersimplerebrand


  1. I was recently trying to do this very thing and kept having an error message when I got to my new email and tried to enable the POP thing to forward my emails. It said it wasn't allowed. I followed all of your steps and same thing. Then I get an email to my old email saying someone tried to open my email suspiciously. Not sure what to do about that.

  2. If you have gmail, you can sign up for a new account, under Settings --> Account, click "Add another account you own", and follow the prompts. Then go back to Settings --> Account, click "edit info" on the old email address, and you have the option of always replying from your new email address even when someone sends an email to your old email address. I have 6 different email accounts all coming to the same inbox, and it works fabulously!

  3. I am confused! Do we 'delete' the old account, or do we leave it so it can indefinitely forward messages to the new account??

    1. Definitely leave the new account to forward new emails for a while. Once you feel like everyone has made the switch, feel free to delete the old account.

  4. Thank you for doing all the hard work and filling us in! So helpful!! :)