Monday, February 17, 2014

Make Your Online Life Mean Something

Y'all, I am so SO excited! Today is when it starts getting real my job really hits the ground running. There has been a lot of behind the scenes work happening for the last few months. We set a date and a place. And finally, it's here.

I am so pumped about this year's conference. We have an INCREDIBLE speaker's list. We have some really wonderful community leaders and a Sashes Market Director that are focused on making this a really wonderful conference experience for each and every one of you. We have a really awesome strategy panel full of accessible experts who are seriously amazing. And this year we are adding a panel of influential women on our "speak life" panel.

Oh, hey.. what do you know.

No my real last name isn't really Wifey.. the hubby is a cop. We've been over this

Seriously though, I am so honored to be able to speak on a panel this year, especially with these three women whom I love dearly. These women are so knowledgeable and full of grace and really truly good at this online thing and really truly good women and I really couldn't say enough about them.

Plus we are giving away a TON of goodies over on The Influence Network site all week to everyone who purchases a ticket. Including an iPad mini. And seriously, I won an iPad mini on pint-sized mama's blog once and it is Reese's a family favorite. Today we are giving away a really beautiful canvas from Naptime Diaries, so head over for info and get yourself a ticket!

All the information you could ever want about the conference and tickets can be found over on The Influence Conference site. It is going to be a life giving, strategy filled, gospel centered, online and real life colliding in the most amazing of ways kind of weekend and I really want you there. I truly believe in the Network's vision (obvi) and work really hard in making sure that, by God's grace, the conference experience is genuinely fun and valuable for all our women.


The thing is, we're all online anyways. And I believe that God's given each and every one of us Influence. Last year, Annie Downs said something so good before we became so close we are practically sister's from different misters about our online spheres of Influence. She told us to count up all our followers; Facebook friends, instagram friends, twitter, blogs, etc. Then she said to imagine we had all of those people in one room. Could we disciple them all? Jesus himself discipled 12… and I'm fairly certain that if you're reading this, even if you only use one of these social media platforms, you've got more than 12 people allowing you to speak into their lives nearly every day. And that's a big responsibility.

So come, join me. Make your online life mean something.


  1. aaah girl I want to go to influence soo bad!!! btw, I totally don't blame you about the not showing your last name thing.. My hubs is a cop too & I refuse to show my last name on anything. even fb :)

  2. Thanks for working so hard, lady! Can't wait to see you in October! :)

  3. Oh!! sounds so wonderful!! And that point at the end was so good, and definitely something to think about.


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