Friday, March 14, 2014

Brand Refresh VS Blog Redesign

This post is part of a series called "How to (super simply) rebrand your entire online life. You can find all the rest of the posts in this super simple rebrand series at the bottom of this post!

Over the past few years of blogging I've done my fair share of rebranding. I've gone from a template design, to a design I did myself, to a few different designs done by a friend, to a complete overhaul and, honestly… this weekend I'm about to rebrand once again for the very last time forever and ever I promise. I think.

When I talk about rebranding, I feel like people just think of the full-overhaul-change-everything-rebrand and don't realize that thats not the only kind of rebranding there is. There are two super common and yet lesser known rebrands: The Brand Refresh and the Blog Redesign .

A brand refresh is usually done by more established brands. This is when you keep the general feel and theme of your branding but spruce it up a little. Usually this happens when a brand is starting to feel stale, but who's look is so recognizable there isn't the desire to deviate too far. 

The difference between a brand refresh and a redesign is that the refresh is still recognizable. A few of the main components (color, style, feel) are the same but they are tweaked a little.  

For bloggers this usually means keeping the main elements of your blog design but updating things a little, either by season or for a fresh feel. This could also mean updating the layout of your blog and tightening up some of your content.

This is one of the most common rebrands I see in the blog world. You keep your name and content the same but you change the whole look and feel of your space. Different colors, different fonts, different themes. If I didn't recognize your words I might not recognize your space. This can be super fun and you can even do this yourself!

Can I just say that you don't have to be an actual established brand to need to rebrand. Sometimes I will follow a link in a tweet and read some really good content on a blog I would've never stopped on myself because the branding (or lack of branding) is just very stale or too template-y. Not it a rude way, but its just not super eye appealing or professional looking.

Now, you DO NOT have to spend all the money to rebrand, whether its a major overhaul, a brand refresh, or a redesign. I personally have made all my current On Her Heart branding and all the graphics on my blog and believe you me, I am not design expert. I have a few (totally free.. because thats important to me) programs I love to use and some overall rebrand tips and tricks up my sleeve. And we are going to discuss it all next monday in Influence Network class: Rebrand Your Online Life!

Follow this link to purchase a spot. Seats are only $10 and if you don't have time to attend live, you get the PDF and class recording in your email. Seats are filling up fast which makes me nervous and worried about all the awkward jokes I'm going to make so get your spot today if you haven't already!

Is there anything I missed? Feel free to leave advice and ask/answer questions in the comment section or on twitter with the hashtag #supersimplerebrand


  1. love the new name and the new look. =) Gorg!! =)
    I'm still contemplating on mine...

  2. Woah Ashley LOVING the new look of the blog!

  3. will you be teaching this class again? I tried to purchase a spot, but it was sold bummed!

  4. I really enjoyed this post... it was perfect timing as I am working on a blog redesign... trying to go from the standard blog template to something sleeker, more profession, and less cookie cutter and cluttered.

    Will you be doing this session again at the Influence Conference? Do you know when they'll announce the workshop titles?

    I've saving money to come!!

  5. oh this just happened. that means I'm not completely out of the loop, lol.

  6. Ashley, thanks for this series. The how to update your Facebook page was very helpful. I constantly feel like I am having to refresh things to stay on the cutting edge. Everything online moves at the speed of light. At least I know my name and my faith will never change- that is unless I end up in the witness protection program. :)