Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy First Birthday, Kendall

Kendall. My little Kendi girl.

I just put you down a baby and tomorrow you will wake up as a one year old. They whoever they are always say the years get shorter with the second child but I never thought it could be. It feels like just yesterday I was worried about how we would handle you as an addition this family. And with a snap of my fingers you were born. And now with a blink of my eye you are one. I had no idea what a joy you would be.
You were so much like your sister and so different. I don't know why I thought you would be the same baby, but I did. I mean, you do some of the same things- you both were super physical super early, crawling and walking way before it seemed your little body could handle it. And y'all both have an undeniable fire burning inside you which I have to say, I think you got from me and I totally love. But you're your own little person and seeing your personality grow over the last year has been such a joy.
And personality is not something you lack, my dear. You are so teeny tiny (still in size 9 month clothing) but man are you a little pistol. You are SO fun and crazy mischievous. You have a sense of humor which is so weird in a baby. You love to clap and the smallest things make you happy. You are SUCH a joyful baby and always look to us to share the joy with you. You are so snuggly and definitely a mamas girl for now. You are intense- when you're being loving and when you're not. You are kind of a little snap job. You have this fierce little yell.. well, its more like a screech. And its simultaneously adorable, ear piercing and mind numbing. You use it to get everyone's attention. You LOVE to eat and have a super grown up palette. You can say "mama" your first word, score!, "dada", "all done", "please" and, your most favorite word "Reese."
Man, do you love your sister. Watching the bond between you two seriously makes me happier than anything else in this world. Your father and I were on our knees with the Lord about this more than anything else before you were born and we are so grateful to see your sisterly love. You always want to be near her. And she is always holding on to and hugging you which you do NOT always want. But, man, the way you look at her. You are starting to hold your own with her, not letting her push you around and starting to stand your ground with her a little more. Not in a mean or fighting way, just in a I'm-my-own-person way. You two are always smiling and laughing together. I wasn't sure what you would be like before- Reese is so strong willed and I wondered how you'd be able to deal with that. But I know now that you're mostly going to be able to hold your own in this world and that no matter what, you and Reese will be there for each other.
Your scrunchy little smile kills me. It is the most adorable thing. Paired with your tiny bottom teeth… I can barely stand it. When I was pregnant I prayed that you would be a joyful child and you totally are. Tonight as I nursed you and put you to sleep I prayed the same prayer I prayed on Reese's first birthday.

Lord, bless her mind. Let her be strong willed and compassionate. Let her stand strong in her convictions. Give her wisdom and discernment. Bless her eyes that she may see the good in people but not be naive to the realities of this world. Bless her heart that she may love indiscriminately... but protect her heart from pain. Bless her lips that her words may be kind always and never say hurtful or untrue things. Let her speak and sing of the glory found in you. Bless her hands that she may work, play an instrument, create, praise, and one day hold a child of her own and know a love like this. Bless her legs that she may run, jump, play sports. Give her feet that ache to explore but always direct her path. Bless her with a long life full of joy and love for you.

My sweet little Kendall, I love you so dearly. Happy First Birthday, baby. We love you so much and are thankful for every single moment with you.


  1. Aw, this is so sweet! How is she one already? Happy Birthday, Kendall!

  2. She's one?!?!?!? Oh my word! Such a beauty :-)