Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Modern Twist on Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Hubby and I have been married for 7 whole years today. WOW. It feels like it just happened and its always been like this both at the same time. I wrote him a love letter that I think just about sums up exactly how I feel about him. So go on ahead and read it... I'll wait.

We back? Good.

Every year for our anniversary we try to follow the traditional anniversary gifts but they are kind of weird and sometimes boring so we decided to put a modern twist on the traditional anniversary gifts. And when I say "modern twist" I mean we like to stretch the gift idea as farrrrr as we possibly can. Its so much fun and honestly helps us remember what we did for our anniversary each year.

The first year is paper so we used some cash to buy our first bedroom set.
The second year is cotton so we bought couches (stuffed with cotton).
The third year is leather... but I was pregnat so we had steak dinners because its pretty much the same thing.
The fourth year is fruit and flowers so we went and spent the day at a winery that was full of flowers and lets be real, you make wine out of grapes.

The fifth year is wood so we went down to mexico and went ziplining through the woods.

The sixth year is candy so we took the girls on a trip to the Jelly Belly Factory for a tour.

The seventh year is copper. We had a plan to go out for dinner and some moscow mules (which are served in copper mugs) but, alas, the hubby got called in to work overtime. So, we ended up only being able to sneak away for a quick drink. But it was special to us.

The eighth year is bronze. This year is our bronze anniversary and with the baby coming tomorrow, we have been struggling to figure out something "bronze" to do. That day we just took it easy, finished some small errands for the baby, and just spent our last day together as a family of four. But we stopped midday to split some ice cream in front of the bronze snoopy statue downtown. It's simple but it's perfect.

What about you? How do you usually celebrate your anniversaries? Any fun ideas? I'd love to hear about your traditions! ** Will update every year with our anniversary fun!


  1. Oh my goodness, we are the most boring-est people ever. This year was our 10th and we went to Outback for dinner and then parked at the airport and watched planes land for a little bit. Were home by 10 and in bed by 11. And my parents even kept the kids for the night! Last year we actually spent the night at a hotel down near the strip, swam in the pool, had cocktails and ate a semi-fancy dinner but only because Ben's family paid for it, took the kids for the night and made us go ;) One year we did go wine tasting too!

    I love the jelly-belly factory one. That's great!

  2. Haha! Happy Cop-er anniversary! At this point in my husbands police career I think all holidays are Cop-er days!

  3. This is so cute to read, I love using the traditional gifts too but mixing it up! First year is paper so I had boudoir photos taken and made into a nice photo book for Jon. Next up is 4.... hmmm

  4. Okay, I just left a comment, but after I pressed "publish" it disappeared into the vortex of the Inter Nets. (I am not sure if it is just not showing up in my browser or maybe awaiting moderation?) Anyways. I just found your blog through the Influence Network and one of the members told me you lived in California! I just saw that you guys went to the Jelly Belly factory and so I am wondering if we live near each other! I live about ten minutes from a Jelly Belly! :O

  5. So now I actually want to get married, (congratulations you're the only person on the planet to make me say that), just so that I can have cool and fun anniversaries! Happy Cop-per Anniversary!

  6. SO fun. I like the candy gift idea (yum)!