Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Everyday I'm Shovelin'

We made it to Colorado Springs!

Kendi loves the snow, can't you tell?

FIRST OFF, we wanted to extend a HUGE thank you to all of you who have supported us!  Whether through prayer, financially, by accepting our stuff from the Movers when we couldn't make it out here in time (I'm looking at you, April), or in so many of the other ways you have loved on us so we could come out here, we quite literally couldn't have done it without you. We are so grateful you have chosen to believe in us and what we are doing.  And we know in our hearts that because of your support women will be loved, supported and provided every resource they need to choose life for their child.

I can't help but think about the ripple effect of that impact. Who knows the impact of every life and the lives they will touch? This is not just a faith issue, not a political issue, this is a human rights issue.  We are so grateful and humbled to be even a small part of this. If you'd like to partner with us to make an eternal difference we'd be so grateful. You can do so HERE.

WELL. It has been a whirlwind week since Jesse left for his first day of work at Save The Storks. March For Life was incredible for him. What better way to begin your new career than with something so exciting and meaningful. The march was much smaller this year because of Winter Snow Jonas, but they got over 10,000 signs handed out and had a really incredible experience.

And afterward his Friday night flight was canceled. And then the backup Saturday flight. And they didnt even bother scheduling a Sunday Flight for him and skipped ahead to a Monday evening flight. Which left me traveling alone with the 3 kids and our dog without the husband on the other side to meet us.

No but for real that looks way worse than it was just don't tell the Hubby because I bet I can milk this one for years.

The girls did great and the dog... Well, Bailey tried to rip through a hole in her carrier and escape on the plane but in the end just gave me the stink eye the entire flight. Although I will say she is not at all happy about where I brought her.

Yeah, the snow is deeper than she is tall. She literally is refusing to go to the bathroom and I'm like 85% she might die. But the rest of us are doing great how's that for an awkward transition?

Jesse got home Monday night at 10pm and started work on Wednesday. So far I have had the immense pleasure of hanging out with 3 different women who's husbands work with Jesse. And another of his coworkers and her family had us over for dinner one night. This weekend a snowstorm hit and we've been playing in and shoveling it ever since!

Although not an actual warm welcome with all this snow, it has been an incredible beginning to our time in Colorado Springs!

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