Thursday, February 25, 2016

Write Scripture On Your Walls

Around 5 years ago I found some really beautiful prints (on etsy?) that I wanted for Reese's room. I purchased one from Naptime Diaries and started following the shipowner Jessi's blog. Over the years we have become good friends and I had the immense pleasure to work with her at The Influence Network

If you've ever been inside my house you have seen one of the Naptime Diaries prints. I literally had them in every room, even the bathroom. In this picture alone I know for sure I am missing three prints, and a lent calendar that are still packed away in a box following our move. 

I don't even know if Jessi remembers this but, shortly after that, my mother hit a rough spot in her doctoral work. She was not yet a believer (she is now!) but she had attended church twice in a row and they had been studying Nehemiah 6:3 She confided in me that even though she didnt really believe, she felt like that verse was God confirming in her that she should continue her doctoral work. I wanted to surprise her, so I told her I sent her something in the mail. After 2 weeks when it hadn't arrived, I emailed Jessi (we were still not friends yet). She assured me this never happens and sent a second copy to my mom. 2 weeks after that and neither copy had arrived yet and so Jessi overnighted a 3rd copy certified mail. My mom called me that day and told me that she had finally received her print. And, embarassingly received ALL THREE copies. She had just assumed that her church had been reaching out to a new comer and sending a really high end print of the scripture they were studying was like a "newcomers" gift. I emailed Jessi and offered to pay for all three copies and the shipping but she just laughed and graciously declines saying she would be praying for my moms salvation and her studies. And last year in July my husband baptized my mother. Later in December I watched her walk across the stage and receive her doctorate. 

So, as you can see, I have a dear dear spot in my heart for Naptime Diaries. And y'all, in a crazy show of faithfulness to the Lords call on their life, @jessaconnolly and @nconnolly and their team are closing the shop down. April 15 is the last day you can order an actual print and following that there will be digital prints available for a short time. After that you will never see these prints again unless you happen to find yourself in my bathroom. 

Seriously and truly, run don't walk to get some beautiful scripture to write on the walls of your home and heart. 


  1. What an amazing story! I love God's faithfulness, and how it especially shines as he brings people to him. Love these beautiful prints, and I've heard of Naptime Diaries - surprised they're closing their doors, but I'm sure they're off to great new things!